Veruca was an accountant before deciding to become a BDSM porn slut. She is from from Chicago, and is a pale girl with jet black hair and striking green eyes. Veruca is also very small and slim; a petite 5 feet 3 inches and feather weight at under 100 pounds. So, she is very easy to carry around or reposition in BDSM play.

Turning to porn after finding out that she felt miserable as an accountant was probably the best decision James ever made. Why be miserable when you can be joyfully free through bondage, pain and pleasure at places like and

Rope bondage is one of the things that makes her feel alive. One favorite is a scene, "The Good Little Slave." Being helpless in service is important to her, and that proactive approach to showing respect is an important part of her portfolio as a sub. As she remains in position, she is looked over from head to toe during inspection. Her toes are in fact tied up as well as her arms, legs and entire body so that she can hardly move. The nipple clamps are probably not even being noticed as they dangle there doing their job and squeezing her tender flesh, because Veruca is a sub capable of keeping her eyes on the prize.

A dildo is placed near her mouth and she dutifully opens wide to accept it deep into the back of her throat. When she finally gets to have some real cocks, her holes are always open and willing. Playing the part of an obedient female toy is second nature to this ex-accountant who never has to worry about crunching another number in her life as long as she continues to be useful. Insex on Demand offers an exclusive look at Veruca James with an important caveat. Voyeurs should be advised that the quieter she becomes, the more she is enjoying the abuse. Turn up your volume and enjoy the silence.